Let’s Collaborate!

Mission-driven collaboration is the only reason society even exists, and it’s the only thing that will allow humanity to keep evolving. Let’s ensure that we do keep this momentum going, in part by creating engaging content and experiences that both captivate attention and, ya know β€” actually say something.

Areas of Collaboration:
Events and Content

Head over to EVENTS if you:

  • host events and want to keep your audience engaged and informed by hiring me as a performer, MC, or both

  • run a business or project that would benefit from a performance or workshop

  • run a space and want to craft an experience for your members, and get potential members in the door

  • are a school (from kindergarten to university) with students who would enjoy exploring the intersection of education and music

Head over to CONTENT if you are:

  • running a business or project and want to communicate to your audience (investors, users, general public) in a unique way

  • hosting an event and want a custom song or rap battle about the theme of your event

  • an industry leader, researcher, etc who’d like to work together to construct engaging, informative, accurate narratives to explain complex topics, which I can then translate into verse.

  • an artist/creator β€” particularly a musician, videographer, animator, or experience designer β€” who like what I’m doing and would like to collaborate

If you’re an archetype I’ve failed to mention β€” please get in touch and we’ll take it from there! Reach out through the social medium of your choice, or just send me a good old fashioned email. (Either way, please skip the formalities 😁)