Custom Content

All of this started by just writing about the topics that most interest me, and I can’t imagine ever stopping. I view verse (poetry, rap, whatever) as a kind of dialect into which I can translate any given narrative. And I’ve always been a storyteller, so crafting the structure of a narrative comes easily to me. The most compelling collaborations come from being exposed to new content β€” particularly by working with experts and industry leaders.

By combining efforts, we optimize the significance of the content, the structure of the narrative, and the engagement of the delivery. The first two parts are paramount, and also thankfully not uncommon. And strong narratives can be effectively shared through any medium. The unique element of what I do is to leverage a relatively esoteric linguistic technique that is almost never used to communicate such concepts, and distribute a strong narrative in a way nobody’s heard it before.

I’m drunk on this idea, and I have a bottomless bottle of Let’s Rap About Everything. What shall we toast to? 🍻

Custom Song

For An Event

While a Rap Up is always fun, I can also create a more polished custom song about the theme of the event to be debuted as part of a performance. What’s the core ethos of your event? What do you want people to think about throughout the event (if it’s performed at the beginning), or take home with them (if it’s performed at the end)?

For Awareness of a Project or Concept

Music is the great communicator, and it’s obvious to me that β€” when done right β€” it’s the most engaging way to convey information. Whether you’re interested in efficiently discussing the details of your project, or you just want to explain a complex concept (like my upcoming piece on the polarizing topic of Universal Basic Income), rap can help! These custom songs have the largest impact when released as video, and of course can (and should) be performed at events.

Custom Rap Battle

In certain cases, particularly when exploring the difference between two topics or perspectives, a Rap Battle makes the most sense. This format has been around for a long time, and has recently had new life breathed into it through Epic Rap Battles of History: a Youtube channel with a whopping 14M subscribers. The benefit of a Rap Battle over a standard song is that both sides of a debate can be represented with genuine loyalty, allowing viewers to better resonate with each side, and ultimately come to their own position after appraising an objective-as-possible retelling of the facts.