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My in-verse intro transforms a lengthy textual bio into something much more interesting.


Stories Define Tools


Every tool is an agnostic extension of self. No technology is inherently good or bad. Nuclear fission can just as easily power a city as it can destroy it.

Stories are the difference.

And rap is arguably the most effective storytelling technique available, but is almost never used to discuss the defining topics of our time โ€” particularly those related to technology. Iโ€™m (di)versifying the field as a means of simply offering another means of reaching people.

Everyone connects with stories differently, so we need to enlist every medium for every narrative to maximize our reach. Iโ€™m focusing on the poetry/rap/hiphop side of things because itโ€™s both the perfect blend of my core passions (words and technology) and also something that nobody else is doing. Have a narrative youโ€™d like to see delivered in this way?

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Featured Video


Reclamation (2019)
Our dataโ€™s trapped, so weโ€™re taking it back.

We've given away our digital identities to the many internet companies that provide us with so-called free products โ€” but blockchain technology enables us to legitimately control and silo our data, inverting the equation. In this scenario, companies have to request each piece of data for specific, time-bound uses. This can help combat user profiling (psychological manipulation), data breaches, and the rest.

A version with an additional verse and a documentary featuring an a cappella version as its introduction can be found on the Media page.



Featured Song

This Is Why We Block
Verse Order: inverse K, Hashbrown, MIMS

Yes, this is a Blockchain remake of MIMSโ€™ 2007 Platinum hit, This Is Why Iโ€™m Hot.

Believe it. Deal with it. Love it.

MIMS is currently in the blockchain space with an app enabling blockchain-based music collaboration, so this remake just kinda made sense. And weโ€™ll be publishing this on the blockchain (duh) once we finish up the new beat. Yup, that means youโ€™ll be able to purchase a fraction of the token representing the song, allowing you to share in royalties. What an incredibly cool technology!



Featured Performance


From a party hosted by SingularityNET during Web Summit โ€” one of my all-time favorite performances โค๏ธ Thanks to David Yang for the capture!

This features the second verse of Hop on the Blocktrain (above) and the entirety of Homo Deus (Some Technology Required).