The full song, including a third verse not featured in the video.

Reclamation Remix (Link for Android)
I performed this poetic exposΓ© on Data Privacy at the Web3 Summit in Berlin, and was asked to adapt it as the intro to Episode 3 of Enter the Crypto Kingdom, produced for Channel NewsAsia. This episode was broadcast by CNA in December to Singaporeans and subscribers in 26 other countries. As of 2015, CNA reached an estimated 72 million viewers. (The full series is highly recommended.)

Unleash Your Inner Artist 
I do art stuff sometimes too. This two-man performance conveys a truly liberating perspective: "Everything is art, and everyone is an artist."

TEDxColombo, 2016

A call to reevaluate how we treat our planet and, in turn, ourselves.

Homo Deus (Some Technology Required)
An open letter to people who blame technology for our problems, and an exploration of Humanity’s role in the continued growth of the Tree of Life.