Project Partners

With collaboration as my core drive, I prefer to view collaborators as partners rather than clients. Language truly is magic β€” the words we use legitimately shape our realities. By referring to work as projects and collaborators as partners, I’m able to view any idea as a potential project, and anyone that I meet as a potential partner. Mission alignment and of course feasibility are paramount. Beyond that, it’s all a matter of mutual benefit.

The openness of this perspective has allowed me to collaborate with a beautifully diverse range of partners and projects β€” from billion-dollar international mega-companies to pre-seed startups, nonprofits, and NGOs across industries like tech, manufacturing, and even medicine. We’ve collaborated on events featuring performances and workshops, and content including custom songs, videos, and voiceovers. Some of that work can be found on the homepage, and at media and performances. Some of these partners are below.