Poet | Speaker | MC


I rap, speak, and MC events to discuss the intersection of Social Evolution & Technology.


Stories Drive Evolution

inverse K SDG

Tell yours in a way that truly engages and resonates, through Events and Custom Content.



Featured Work

UN SDG Global Festival of Action, 2019
After two days packed with talks, panels, art, workshops, films, AR/VR, and all-around awesome people, I summarized my experience of the festival with a few minutes of verse.

REVISION 1.0, 2018
My Rap Up for the REVISION conference in Berlin. I wrote a brief custom intro piece to distill some of the larger ideas of the conference, and then strung together relevant verses from four existing pieces into a medley.

TEDxColombo, 2016
β€œEverything is art, and everyone is an artist.” We truly believe this, and we do our best to convince the audience through banter and performance that art shouldn’t sit within a vacuum-sealed box atop a pedestal.