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inverse K is the stage name of Michael Ketigian: a poet and technologist who explores and explains complex ideas through the art of verse.

He would perform under his given name if it were more easily spelled and pronounced (it's kuh-TEE-jee-an), but reality dictated otherwise. The name inverse K is derived from a symbol — [ > I ] — meaning Greater Than I, Greater Than 1. With a core mission to grow community through understanding and cooperation, his work focuses on social evolution through technology.

As an engineer, inverse K is intimately attuned to the influence of technology on humanity's status quo and potential futures. As a poet, he's deeply passionate about crafting narratives that accurately convey these realities, while inspiring paths in the collective imagination toward futures that optimally benefit our shared journey to explore, discover, create, and ultimately love.

inverse K has performed at a broad spectrum of events over the past 10 years, from the United Nations and TEDx to festivals and private parties, with plenty of exhibitions and conferences in between. His range of both content and style allows him to curate unique performances for each event, including freestyle (improvised lyrics) when appropriate. His work can be performed over music or a cappella, and he thoroughly enjoys weaving various pieces into larger narratives through interstitial conversation.

You can view examples of his work, learn more about his offering (including Custom Content, Rap Ups, MCing, and Workshops), and find him on various social channels by visiting

In addition to his work as inverse K, Michael Ketigian heads Project Management and Community at Good Market: a nonprofit social enterprise that supplies a global marketplace of brands and community members that prioritize people and the planet in their decision making.

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