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inverse K (Michael Ketigian) is a technologist and poet using rap as a vehicle for education and social commentary.

As an engineer, he’s intimately attuned to technology’s influence on society. As a creative storyteller, his work aims to inspire paths in our shared imagination toward optimal futures by cutting through the noise of clickbait, digital echo chambers, and fake news with peer-reviewed poetry and rap.

inverse K has performed at a broad spectrum of events over the last five years, from the United Nations and TEDx to conferences, festivals, and private events. His range of content and style allow unique performances to be curated for each event, including freestyle (improvised lyrics) when appropriate.

You can view his offering and examples of his work, and find him on various social channels, by visiting inverseK.com.

Inverting the letter K yields a symbol ( ꓘ or > I ) meaning “greater than i” andgreater than 1.” This is a reminder to see beyond the self, that humanity cannot exist without community, that sustainability and growth depend upon mutually beneficial relationships.

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