I rap, speak, and MC events to discuss the intersection of Social Evolution & Technology.




Existing Content
I add both style and insight to events by sharing my existing works, which explore technical topics like Blockchain, AI, Data Privacy, and Climate Change, and social topics like Universal Basic Income and Effective Altruism.

Custom Content
I create custom work(s) in advance to explain and explore relevant topics of your choosing, to be performed at your event (and shared after) for maximal impact.

Rap Up
The ultimate custom piece, composed throughout the event. This allows people to revisit and synthesize the many ideas they experienced in a fun and engaging way.

MC / Speaker

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Performance isn’t limited to my art — it also applies to composing the narrative of an entire event with an energy that ensures consistent engagement. After all: bards, poets, rappers — these are the original Masters of Ceremonies!

My natural passion and curiosity facilitate entertaining, insightful conversations. And as a tech communicator, I discuss complex topics in a way that any audience can understand.

As a seasoned performer, technologist, and entrepreneur, I have a deep well of experience to draw from, and will happily explore the right talk for your event and audience.

Custom Content

Custom Content.jpeg

Custom Song & Video
Efficiently: convey project details, garner users, pitch to investors, or explain a complex topic.

Video has far greater reach and is highly recommended.

Custom Rap Battle
A creative, captivating way to explore polarizing topics. Both sides are represented genuinely, creating a narrative that reaches more people by empathizing with their perspective.

Video Script & Voiceover
Converting complex ideas into concise, engaging narratives has applications well beyond rap. And writers performing their own work creates the most compelling voiceovers.

Due to the variability of this offering, please inquire for pricing specific to your needs.